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Reviews for "Just Politics"

awful . can't even collect any money

There are a lot of men in this town... And a lot of old white women.
Curious about the author's political beliefs and how they impact the game.
Overall, very enjoyable. Definitely the sort of thing you should expand and add more upgrades + options.

Brantkings responds:

Thanks for the opinion!

We aren't from America, we are from Brazil, so yeah there's no Republicans x Democrats notion around here. The thing is, general political awareness around here is complete utter shit. Most people just doesn't care at all: we just see when there is a corruption scandal, or a big problem that wasn't resolved (media is a particular culprit: it just show it that way). Personally we always see politicians around here as the "villains" of the country, hence the theme.

About the population itself, well, personally I didn't thought much about it, so from me it went as stereotypical as possible. But it wasn't me who designed them, it was the artist, so maybe you get a better answer from him.

Surprisingly good to be thrown together so quickly

Brantkings responds:

Thanks! Yeah, it wasn't easy.

My thoughts are the same as Nephener's. In addition, a "game over" mechanic could be added with an assassin or something. Overall however, this is a fun, if very repetitive game.

Brantkings responds:

Thanks. Initially we thought people would be so frustrated by the game over + repetition, that their experience would be crap. Well, it's something to think about. Thanks.

The game has a good intention and for the time it had, it's pretty well-done. I liked for the first levels, but it's so repetitive I've got bored after becoming Senator, it'd be cool if you added law forces after you became Congressman, reporters after Senator and then both as President to make things different.

Brantkings responds:

You're right. We didn't think at all about gameplay progression. That's something we definitely expand should we do a post-compo version. Thanks.