Reviews for "Tickets 4Love"

A wonderfully easy point and click game.

ha! Make more in that series, hilarious!

make more!!

If you need help.

1.Go to the Mini Market and pick up the 200$ ticket
2.Then go to the Mother Earth Shop and hit the lady with the boomerang on the wall (just click on the boomerang)
3.Then click the flute in the Mother Earth Shop and pick up the scroll
4.Go to your apartment and break the horn from your record player
5.Go to the Pacific Wharf and pick up the knife from the sharks mouth
6.Go to the Frosty Brew and buy a Swedish beer with the 200$ ticket,and give the beer to the hobo outside the bar,and take his cane
7.With the horn from the record player listen to what the girls are saying
8.Go to Roys Burger Hut and talk to him,and then give him the scroll
9.Roy will give you the Box club membership card.Then go to the bar and go give the membership card to Boris (click on membership card and then click on the door,the BLACK door)
10.Talk to Boris and the take one box
11.Go to the Pacific Wharf and give the box to the Captain
12.Cut the wire on the floor with the knife and take the diving helmet
13.Take the diving helmet to Boris,and he will give you a letter to take to his friend
14. Go to Nicks place and go behind the building
15.Use the cane to climb up the ladder
16.Wen you get into the room look under the little carpet and take the tickets
17.Go to the bar (Frosty Brew) and give the tickets to Blondie

I hope this helped you guys!

P.S. I love the game,the music and the ending!