Reviews for "Internet Avenger"

Even though the game was made from MS Paint the graphics are awesome,
The game is also quite a classic,
The bosses were easy to kill, unless you were talking about Chrome,
He its impossible to get past! Or i just suck at videogames...
Either way, this game deserves a 4.5 stars

Hahaha, good MS Paint HD graphics!

BTW, was it really necessary to put a score? I mean, there are no penalties for dying or being inaccurate when shooting.

I loved the game, though :)

The game was fine, the graphics were kinda original since MS Paint was used here. The bosses weren't very difficult, but anyways the game was good. Short, but good.
(Also sorry for my English.)

it was kinda easy and the graphics wasn't the best, but it was fine for this game.
i can't say this is the best game ever, but i did enjoyed playing it.
it have a nice idea too (and ty for the medals; tho idk how to get the 'error' one)

Really good game. Keep it up!