Reviews for "Internet Avenger"

I do so enjoy a good satire. :)

The game was solid over all with no glaring flaws per say. I started thinking that the difficulty was a little easy at first, but then I notice a sudden jump around the Firefox level just as I was starting to get cocky.

The music is really catchy as well. It really does make me think of the days when I got my first NES and how I found myself bobbing my head to Mega Man (Side Note: I just notice I was head bobbing to this music as I typed out the review. lol).

All in all, this was a fun little time waster. Thank you. :)

Game of the year.

That game is the most hypnotising game yve played so far on newgrounds. Entertaining music, apropriate sound effect and a nice gameplay, plus I like the painting style of the game, really colorefull and happy! The boss were easy but, it can be accepted because the game was really good.

Happy holiday and continue your sweet games.

toomuchprotein responds:

Happy holidays to you too.

I loved this game, it kept me well entertained and I enjoyed it to the end. I was determined to beat this game and glady did so... Wonderful graphics for MS Paint, and wonderful work on all of the bosses! But add some checkpoints or something, I found myself dying countlessly by hitting the space bar to jump!

Solid platform gameplay.