Reviews for "Internet Avenger"

it could use impropements

NoLanLabs responds:

this review could too

okay game for a entry it seemed like some things were implied plus I don't get the error achievement

Really fun little game. I found that the MS Paint graphics lent a certain "low budget" charm to it though there were a few little things that could have been improved. Firstly none of the enemy units had guns. If a couple of the higher level units did it would have made the main stages more exciting, at the moment they appear to just get a little longer and different backgrounds.

with just a couple of tweaks this could have got 4/4.5 but I had to knock it down for the level of mundane levels.

I adore this game with passionate twirls of joy! I laughed ALL THE WAY through the cutscenes. The funniest game I've played in some time.

The gameplay, obviously, thirsts for more variety, but for a Ludum Dare game, it's decently stimulating. The challenge of the game is not about reflexes or even strategy; but patience. It's kind of surreal to play games like that.

Why are we internet explorer? It's soooooooooooooooooooooo slow! Chrome is the best internet!