Reviews for "Internet Avenger"

whoo! made me spill a little time... Explorer should be the top of the browsing chain... but the blue screen bugs? might be apple's fault, objectify this: whatever dude!

Fun little game! By the way, Firefox since about 2007. Never looked back...

NoLanLabs responds:

me too.

I had a fun time playing, but I felt like the areas before boss battles were pretty dull and were just there to make play time longer. The bosses were interesting to figure out, I loved guessing what I would be facing next.

Of course, I bet if you had more than 72 hours, you'd be able to polish and make this game great. Good job, 3.5 stars.

For me the scoring on this game was almost entirely content driven. The game alone is as basic as it gets for a side scroller shoot dont touch game. But it was fun killing all the known web browsers. Not bad, like i said, content driven and not much more. merry christmas bitches.

unlce slaveslave.

I really enjoyed this. Simple but entertaining gameplay, some satire that gave me a few chuckles, and amazing HD MS Paint graphics. Although it is really goofy, it shows some serious skill in the development - especially given that it was made in 72 hours. __twc did a great job on the tunes too!