Reviews for "Internet Avenger"

Took me ages to defeat Netscape, Safari, Mozilla and the Chrome bosses.

chrome is the hardest boss

Great game escpically for a Ludum Dare.

The game is awesome.Continue to make thees simple in graphics but really fun games.

Great game, considering it was made in 72 hours.
Now, how to polish the game (or keep it as reference for future games):
-First, make the enemies respawn every time you die, restarting only to jump all the way back to where you died without any challenge is tedious.
-Make challenging jumps, it adds spice to the game.
-Put coins in places difficult to reach, the score system is useless if you get the highest score possible everytime you play.
-Add variety to the boss patterns, they were pretty much the same with a small detail differing them.

Aaaanyway, awesome game, great job.