Reviews for "Mansion Massacre"

This game has good potential! I hope you fix the restarting game thing and update! ^_^v

glitchy when you kill and they just look like the guy stood up or moved instead of dyin. but the idea is fun to mess around with. patch it up an would be good :)

It was okay. Maybe some music, and a little bit longer game would shape it up.

Daredevil8841 responds:

Thanks for the comment! We decided to focus on getting the game to simply work first. lol However, we would certainly like to add music and sound in a later update.

it got some bugs, some improvements would be really good.but kind of liked your work.try to make it better and you may get some more points.

good game but way to buggy updates would be nice and maybe a bigger house more people and more choices of wepons.