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Reviews for "Crazy Werewolf Revolution"

Pretty cool!

I LOVE A GAME WHERE I CAN BE A WEREWOLF but does this game have an end?

well u don't have to sound so frustrated ... i think it came out allot better ...but you could have been like that at the beginning and you could have given it a story line and every night you need a human heart to change bk...cause that would have been fair for both sides your side and players side.

regardless eating heart doesn't work. i tried doing it the way you had said to do it but it didn't work ...not that it was hard it just doesn't work... maybe i need to be farther ...or something i d k ...

great job though i love it and enjoyed it.music art transformation scene ...was spectacular!

Thought the game was alright in all, but what I really enjoyed the music. Any chance I could get the name of it?

I liked the concept. I would appreciate a pause feature and the only problem I encountered was that it got laggy when a whole bunch of humans would appear. I enjoyed the artwork and the sounds.