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Reviews for "Interactive Buddy 2"

Does anyone know any codes?
(in Other tab)

Theres an secret weapon that is free
Heres how to get it:
1. Fill the Room with Explosive Barrels
2. Burn/Explode it
3. Congrats! You got the weapon that is called "The Lag Bomb"

I liked the first one better, it had a karma complex, and an easier water effect for the fire spreads for body part to body part, so you have to Water EACH part in time to help. It had a good item idea though.

I really like the game, I even bought the iOS version! I just wish the wiki page for it worked. And it's been like two years since he's updated the iOS version...

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I always enjoyed actually playing with the buddy. Like catch and stuff. This is just about beating him senseless?

Also, I think I like the building mechanic, but how am I supposed to get money for new walls and stuff if I don't want to hurt him?