Reviews for "Evil Goat"

I have to admit that this game seemed to do a pretty good job of being in this Dare 25 thing. I swear you guys have one of these things every month. Anyway, while I could tell it was made in a short time, it was still pretty good. It is fairly original. I didn't even see myself as much of a villian here as just of a guy doing his job. It made little sense, but it was creative.

I like the use of bright colors. It's weird how they do not "die" when they are pushed onto the spikes. Or rather, they don't just disappear. It's a bit too strange to really like that much, but is worth checking out. Yeah, I'm not good with those moves.


The game is pretty good, challenging and it's great for pass the time

I Like it, but it can be better :D

Pretty fun. Level 7 can be completed in 11 btw.

i can't move well

amidos2006 responds:

you can only move while everything is static :)