Reviews for "Evil Goat"

This is super addictive and challenging! Great work! Your composer made some catchy music that goes really well with it, too! I'm awful at puzzle games, but I managed to catch on quickly to the controls and concept.

Dude, you're on fire! So many games in the last weeks, and very fun ones too. I also was surprised to beat the last level in 21 moves (got 'em memorized now). Even if it wasn't intended, it's a nice anomaly for the last challenge. I thought the Marvellous Villain medal was gonna be madness, but a little concentration did the trick. Keep it up, keep it all up!

Finished 15 in 21. Good game.

amidos2006 responds:

nice :) I am interested if u can pm me with the moves :)

Nice game. Got lvl 15 with 23/24

Good concept and no real glitches. This is probably the the best game in ludum dare 25.
could use a walkthrough though.