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Reviews for "Dracula's Treasure!"

Dracula is soo cute *-*

I thought it was very challenging. The sound quality was excellent, as were the graphics. However, I was disappointed at how short it was. However, given the time constraint, I guess it's understandable.

The controls were extremely annoying. I had trouble jumping from one level to another because of how floaty they are.

01010111 responds:

If I had more time to work on the game, I would have spent some serious time working on the controls. I wanted the game to be partially about momentum, so the controls come off as pretty loose. If I were to extend the game I'd probably want help with playtesting :)

It's kinda hard at times but really cute in a way

lol seems a 30 mins-made game, anyways like the retro music and challenging
protip1: start from up to down
protip2: explain which keys to play

01010111 responds:

The absurdly slow ticker at the bottom of the title screen explains the play controls - if I had more time to work on the game I could have implemented a little tutorial screen, but I get really anal about the layout of those so I nixxed it.