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Reviews for "Dracula's Treasure!"

How this managed to be front paged despite its complete and utter lack of quality or polish is beyond me. Probably the bias this fucking site has for anyone competing in Ludum Dare, despite the fact that 90% of the games that come from that stupid competition are horrible. This game included.

Make the controls less slidey, fix your damn hit detection, improve your AI to home in on the player less, and don't make it reset the entire fucking level every single god damned time you die. At current moment, your game in unplayable, and takes extreme amounts of luck in order to get anywhere or finish anything, diminishing its definition as a game, and edging it over to being an exercise in gambling.

01010111 responds:

I've gotten pretty good at it: Collect stuff at the bottom, let most of the priests follow you down there, make your way to the top collecting as you go, use the power ups to reach spots that you've missed, go back down and use misdirection to fool the priests.
Anyhow, your comment about Ludum Dare games is rude and shows a clear lack understanding how challenging and difficult it is for someone to create a game in under 48 hours. I will check your profile a week from now and see if you have made a polished, quality game. I hope you can make it!

This game just sucks...You may call me a lousy player, but for christ's sake, the main problem is the control, your character's slipping and sliding around like it's the ice capades and that makes it really difficult to land on a platform especially when there's enemies everywhere bouncing and homing on you whenever you get close, it's like trying to fight darknuts from the first zelda game without a sword! And I can't even get past the first screen because of this! This reminds me so much of Linus Spacehead i hate it so much...could've been better...but my bluntness can not allow my dishonesty for this, and I could just shut it, but again, my bluntness can't stand it

Check out the author's idiotic reply to the accurate criticism that this is just that old Flicky game with different sprites.

As if he would need to steal source to copy a game this simple.

01010111 responds:

It seriously would have helped. Also I don't take it as a criticism, because my idea was to make a game "similar to games like Flicky and City Connection" :D Anyway, I'm sorry you don't like my game or my facetiousness.

Oh, also - if you want to check out my source, you can search for this game on ludumdare.com!

My only complaint was that I am so used to having the up arrow being the jump button that I got confused for a few seconds as to why I wasn't jumping, but that's no real issue. That's just me being dumb. :P

Very cute game, and its shortness is refreshing more than a shortcoming. So many games try to stretch themselves out far beyond their capabilities, and this is nice and short. It is very well done for the 48 hour time limit, a complete little capsule. Loved it.

01010111 responds:

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if I try to extend this into a full game and implement some options for controls.

This is just that old Flicky game with different sprites

01010111 responds:

I'd say it's closer to City Connection. But no, you're right - I went to Sega and hacked into their mainframe and downloaded all of their source files, ported all of their games to flash, and changed them all into MGM Monsters. This is just the first in a series of hundreds.

^^^ 100% true ^^^