Reviews for "Chirstmas Word Search"


It was pretty nice for everything to be shown in a pretty clear cut manner. I do have the problems of how this just looks too cheap. I don't understand how the graphics come off as so bad. The intro cutscene was particularly painful. The actual gameplay isn't too bad. It was interesting how you had words that went from side to side. I found "SHED" in the first level.

Was that possibly a coincidence? I remember this music now, and it's nice music. I don't know what language everyone was speaking at first, or what that had to do with anything. Do you speak a foreign language? It needs better design and artwork.

Lenke responds:

I don't speak very well English, so I decided to make an animation in Spanish (my native language).
I'm not a good animator and my draws are not good... you know my games(you review almost all my games..xD!) I always make my games by my self... alone... <forever alone> (;_;) xD!

I just want to make an animation and I did it... xD!

the word puzzle is automatically created by a code I create:
first it put the words to find
And the empty spaces are filled with words from the A to the Z
so if you find a word like ***** or **** or *** or ***** or ***** or ******* or ***** xD!
is just coincidence, for that this game is for Teenagers (?)....

so sorry if you found an offensive word you can go to menu and replay the game if affect you or rate 0 and exit


Not bad Idea.