Reviews for "Chirstmas Word Search"

Simplistic, yet enjoyable. The way a word hunt should be.

Fun game.

everytime santa said yay i wanted to punch him in the fucking throat :D

Great game.. One thats actually really enjoyable..Man I love wordfinds^^

I, for some reason, have always had a knack for word finds. They are quite easy for me. This game was basically the same. The challenging part was the gifts and snowflakes falling.. They were quite distracting and even when I was not distracted they would break my chain.. (i.e. when highlighting a word, such as America, a snow flake would be covering the "m" causing the chain to break and I would have to wait and highlight the word when there were no snowflakes.) In the future I suggest either fixing this so that it does not happen or embracing it and deducting points or "re-jumbling" when it does happen.

Lenke responds:

that is part of the game... xD!