Reviews for "What are the odds?"

That's the guy from Skill Me Now!!

I gave you 5 stars, so now I am allowed to say this: Those numbers seem way too low. 1/800 chance the earth is close enough to the sun to support life? 1/10k for spontaneous life! And so on. Sure, the final number is big, but way too small. Where did you find those numbers?

Emrox responds:

1/800 was based off of the number of planets that may have supported life at one point/total number of known planets

1/10,000 was essentially the same as the "50,000 generations of your lineage" bit but only covering the period of time before the sperm and egg, so I actually cheated a little on that one in showing multiple forms of mammals. In my defense, there wasn't a much better way to depict evolution :P

my mind...blown.

wow! inconcieveable!

Haha, people don't believe it if you tell'em. Believe me, i tried.

PS: Mainly tears.