Reviews for "What are the odds?"

I really enjoyed this, but I think those aren't the odds of me being here. Provided with all of those circumstances with the earth, even if it was a different sperm cell or egg cell, or a different great great great great grandparent, that would still be me, so some circumstances do not affect at all that i am living on the earth. They would just be a slightly different me. If you take a crowd of 10,000 people and randomly pick one of them, there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that any one alone will be picked, but it is 100% that there will be one picked.

I think the odds are actually pretty big
The odds of the sun being the exact distance from the Earth?
If it wasn't the exact distance there wouldn't be life

The odds of minerals putting themselves into replicating DNA?
Really low
But as time went on there would come a perfect mix to make everything bloom

It's not that the odds are low
We just had a lot of tries

Great video btw
Really enjoyed it

wow just wow

not bad.

This is literally insperational to me. So posting this link on Facebook!