Reviews for "What are the odds?"

im mind-fucked

well then ask yourself if not me, who else would be?

actually there are no odds, everything is actually calculatable, your parents have been meeting for a reason having gathered because they have something in common because somehow eqausl draw to each other, sure it is stochastic-mathemathically rare, but actually you're the only option, a recombination of determinants trying to withstand the test of time of evolution, eventually many might fail, if not now propably in 3-4 generations depending on what you got to make a living and attraction if you don't keep up you will fail, if you don't keep up when you have children they will fail, life isn't getting any easier it just sifts out those who aren't able to either keep on upgrading or making a good servant to those going to rule, actually society is going to get, that it's inefficient to waste life that's already there. if it's there it is going to make best out if it, bcause we have seen what happens if society doesn't watch out for a controlled overall growth... the system collapses taking us back to the stoneages making stupid tv programs, because it's cheap and people buy it because they're slowly growing dumb, leading towards the stupification of man to eventually end in the backwaters of cvilization hopefully for this society to die out to don't be a burden for the battle of competing societies which will eventually replace this sytem with a more efficient one to don't waste life to be more efficient and sustainable as nature's example.... so hey usa was fun seeing you playing the money obsessed egoistic brute that you've always been at the time you arrived at the new continent you haven't changed much and you won't by the examples we have seen so far... this is what religions used to tell us until even their institutions got corrupted with their need for egoistic oppression. watch the death sins, listen to what they indicate to not only for you but to the whole social movement and you will find the answer on how to live and gift a prosperous life. i'm not religious... but i'm not stupid either...

I'm only 12 and i'm a science-y guy. those odds seem very reasonable.

Wow talk about an interesting watch. Sure does make you think about it huh? Not many newgrounds movies can have the effect on you so with that said that's saying something. Nice animation to accompany it. Also wow great voice cast too

This has to be one of the most interesting videos out there.