Reviews for "What are the odds?"

I will describe what happened after I watched this video in three steps.
1) Take one raw egg.
2) Put the egg in a microwave oven.
3) Turn the microwave on for 10 seconds.

In other words...

Well,as already said,odds are too hight and many parameters aren't considered.
But that's not the point,the point is that the animation is really nice,the voices are smooth,well,everything is perfect,or nearly perfect.
Keep it on

I like the concept, but the odds are WAY too high. They seem almost arbitrary, what were your resources?

Emrox responds:

s'in the credits. Although it turns out one of them wasn't all that reputable so I DUNNO some of it's probably way off

And I use this life, which was almost miracle, playing games and watching videos...
Great video though!

this made my mind hurt....D: