Reviews for "What are the odds?"

Inaccurate and pointless.

When I first watched this video, I thought, 'Wow, I'm pretty lucky to be alive.'

However, when I viewed this for a second time, a sudden thought hit me. 'What about the other 10^974076 possible births that never happened?' It made me realize that not only am I extraordinarily lucky to be living, but me and every human being, are the chosen ones.

Before watching this video, birth seemed so... normal. After watching it, seemingly every birth is a treasure, because of it's absolutely minuscule chance of happening. Doesn't that make everything a miracle?

This video really changes my point of view on life as a whole, and I am not surprised that it won NATA. A well deserved 5. Honestly, I wish I could bend the laws of Newgrounds and give this a 69 or 9001, but sadly, I cannot.

cool i never knew that

This is awesome! What program was used to make it?

Emrox responds:

Adobe Flash CS5.5

They should show this to kids contemplating suicide