Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

Not bad. Fun and simple.

It's an alright game. It's very one dimensional, just keep shooting... over and over and over at things that take more and more shots. One major problem with this, though, is that the controls are poorly thought out. You give a lot of options, but each has horrible flaws: specifically, using the mouse becomes impossible when you need to be mobile because of your placement of the Newgrounds logo, which ends the game (it minimizes and halts your controls --- glitched to a constant downward walk after that); second, the space bar is just terrible, you have to physically move to aim.. which means you just run into things.

Well, nice try anyway.

I had no idea what to expect from this gamek, but it turned out to be completely awesome! It really seemed to get hard with the second boss. I thought it was difficult just when the first boss was tossing all those enemies around. The ones you couldn't destroy were actually harder to avoid. I know what game this title is referencing. Too bad I only know about the Uwe Boll movie.

I thought the sounds were quite authentic. The worst enemies were probably the giant pink mushrooms. The smaller ones were hard enough. It was great to have a game where the objective was so clear cut. There was just so much going on and while it was hard, it was great to watch. I appreciate all the creativity put into this.

It's a fun little platform game. Reminds me of the early NES games. A simple story to explain why you are doing something not-so-normal. The game runs smooth and the action gets intense. Just when you think you've mastered the situation, new enemies make you re-think your moves. There is also flexibility in how you control the game, as well as an option to wipe your score to continue where you lost your last life. Between the options and the variety, it's a good game. Worth playing a few times. Overall, nice work.

Great Game! I highly enjoy'd it. Simple concept. easy to get hooked on. and Fun to play. not much of a story but very nice game. smooth and easy to control.