Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad at all. i would prefer a better upgrade system, rather than just choose one at the end of each level, but The sounds are okay, and it doesn't lag, so, little complaints.

Good game overall. Graphics could be a little better. Music was ok. The only thing that prevented a full 4 star review was the balance between us and the mushrooms. after 5 levels, the big purple mushrooms broke the game, since they can shoot diagonaly, have long range and they take 2 shoots from my upgrade weapon (i used all 4 points in the weapons). If you balance this, this could be a solid 4.

This is such a great, fun little game. It's simple, and starts getting challenging fairly fast. I love that the weapons are utensils, and of varying strengths and distance. The controls are excellent, and made me thoroughly enjoy the game.
As new mushrooms were introduced, I was taken by surprise by each one, especially when I ultimately died, with hordes of little blue things chasing after me whilst being shot at by pink turret-shrooms. Dear lord, all the little blue bastards.
I love the upgrades, with your upgrade points determined wholly on your ability to stay alive, not on doing some quirky thing or having excellent reflexes to collect currency or whatever.
5/5 all day, erryday.
I think I'll play again.

A Robotron clone with health, upgrades, and weapon pickups. Starts a bit slow, but the frantic pace begins sets in by the third set of stages.