Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

Awesome programming, relatively easy to play, but nothing special about it, just your average 2D top-view shooter, with sparse (and frankly, unnoticeable/pointless) upgrades, you should make the upgrades actives, or more guns. Even though there's not much unit collision, and so no "gang bang", the amount of ranged mushrooms gets ridiculous and then there's the melee ones to be meatshields. So basically wherever I go, I get a spray of bullets.

Really fun game. Good job. The mushrooms remind me of Mario which fits with this game I guess.

Great game: challenging, fun, addictive. Unlockable content gives high replay value.

Stopped playing when game glitched fighting the laser mushroom boss (he hit me with the laser and then stayed underground unmoving. Otherwise great!


It's a really good game. It has a unique charm and fluent animation and control. The only problem is the empty chest idea, it really is more annoying than you might think. Otherwise, really good game.

amidos2006 responds:

You can increase the luck to 5 and see what happens ;)