Reviews for "Ogg"

lol gay

With all that low Quality warnings i see that you just wanted to finish this ....

SOme times the animations good some times its bad...


very funny.when in start the flag flaps it looks cool but them that human and orc battle but orc is like stick and then human uses a gun(lol).Yes and when his head was rotating it was fun and he was flying yeah,almost all is fun in this:D.


that was funny. lol the human had a gun lol and it looked like he puked on the orc.


Inner Fire... Your Right... except he made it WORSE!! The animation sucked. The beginning was like WC ROC but he just made the Grahics WORSE!!! If it is bad IT IS BAD!!! IT DEPENDS ON THE USERS! NOT JUST ONE PERSON!1!

Waste of Time

Why did you waste your time on that? And another thing, i've seen that movie before. Its the trailer for Warcraft III and you didn't make it. You just stole it and made it worse. Sorry but I can't give you credit or a good score.