Reviews for "Ogg"


it was shitty, unfinished, and i couldnt stop luaghing at the crap job, thats what made this interesting if at all, at one point the footmans head starts spinning the wrong way... the queality sucked, but it sucked so much, it was funny! im giving this a 3 :D

that was so funny

that movie was so funny it made me and my bro laugh only thing u could improve is the graphics

just the same old thing

This was pretty much the opening cutscene from Warcraft III: Rain of Chaos except in a flash quality and the infernal that comes out from the crater is now an Abomination, and your hearing this from a long time Warcraft fan.


the sucky thing was it had no preloader and the graphics were terrible!!!!

what the heck was that?

that made absolutly no sence!
I played the game so i know how the into goes but whats with the gun battle and the abomination???

sound was good though