Reviews for "Ogg"


i get it, the comedie is the bad graphic...


I honestly have to say that the PLOT of the whole thing wasn't even a plot, it was the opening cutscene from WoW3! Also, the graphics were horrible, the sound was hard to understand, and it wasn't funny. And I like funny... -_- Overall, I give it a two...

Not Bad

I thought it was pretty good, and i liked the idea of it. but you shouldnt make it drop off so suddenly when it ends.

also to the last poster:
read the goddamn words you moron. it says WAIT A FEW MINUTES and then hit play.

wow dude that was kinda crappy...=[

dude that was pretty bad animation and a pretty bad story...end of session


I am using a mac computer right now cuz my normal one has a virus and i cant right click cuz mouse is gay and has only one button!!!! MAKE A PRELOADER!! I always miss out on a lot of stuff because of this. My computer needs to be fixes soon lol. Newgrounds says once again It has been a very short time since u have last wrote a review, Please go back and try again or something. Omg i hate it that they do that lol. Hmm well i have had a lot of reviews deleted and i have been banned from writing any for 2 days once so i better not spam or anything. This takes up room so ill just keep talking....Maybe its enoguh now. Ok so anyway make a preloader!