Reviews for "Waiting for Leo and Satan"

I enjoyed this short. A little low quality in the artwork and the voice acting could use a liiittle work (not that it was really bad, just being picky). The content was a little lacking, length wise, but it was fairly funny. So, other than a few odds and ends, not bad.

I know I shouldn't, but I am going to add to Spek28 and sgtteddybear59's little conversation. Senior Spek: I am not going to comment on how "this isn't the place to talk about your religious beliefs" and all that stuff people usually say on the review board, because what you had to say was in a direct response to the content of this flash. If the review board isn't for expressing your analytical, emotional, or otherwise, responses to a flash, I do not know what it IS for. The only reason I typed any of that was to hopefully prevent future reviewers from spewing such nonsense.

However, I will comment on how I think your issue with the flash is unfounded. For one, I think this flash doesn't romantacize satan as much as it humanizes him. Setting that aside, however, if someone who does not believe in satan were to watch this, any desensitization(?) developed between the two parties would be irrelevant. If someone who does believe in satan were to watch this, I can't see it affecting the way they would deal with satan or his works in real life, because they know enough about satan to know he is not to be taken lightly. To illustrate my point, if I put a lion in a dress and had it dance around for you, you wouldn't go out the next day and try to have a tea party with one (assuming you knew anything about lions in reality).

Monsieur Sgtteddybear59: Spek has every right to express himself in public and, as I stated above, this IS an apropriate place for him to say such a thing (as long as it is about the flash, and not just random). In fact, it is only since you replied to his comment that this became in inappropriate topic to discuss on the review board. However, I digress, do not be so oppressive (I said oppressively :P).

Anyhow, I have rambled on enough. I have only added to the madness in these review sections. And for what? The opportunity to ramble. Tsk, tsk. I apologise.

Jonimator responds:

Heh, I like the analogy with the lion. That is my contribution to this debate.

its cool hahaah i was also wondering when he will release the new episode.
THis flash, on the other hand, is cool but obviously cant beat the original

its alright.

Way too short, for some people the loading screen would be longer. That's the biggest issue I saw, I mean it's decent, but horribly short.

Reasonably amusing.

Far too short.

Jonimator responds:

Heh, I'll leave the full length Leo and Satan episodes to Oney