Reviews for "Waiting for Leo and Satan"

Make moar episodes!!!

JK man, this was a pretty good tribute!
I really want to see more LaS as well.
Keep up the great work!

Goddammit, I already sold my soul this year, otherwise, we'd have more episodes.

...Leo & Satan, Bitey of Brackenwood, Super Mario Bros Z, Larry, Eddsworld, Tarboy...
So many good animations/animators that are launched with too much space between one another, that make almost unbearable to wait the next, and becomes even more when the author suddenly decided to stop doing this good stuff or is simply not in the mood...

been while since i seen leo and stain but good job and keep up the work.

I thought this was in fact made by Oney! It just seemed so similar on the thumbnail. It was kind of disappointing to know it wasn't quite like that. This is still a good cartoon. My favorite part is when Satan questions how they are themselves the characters he uses. That really doesn't make much sense, but it is funny.

The animation seemed a little off too. You still managed to capture the spirit pretty well. Weird how you advertised for another website. Well, few people used this one anymore, I guess. Sure worth looking at.