Reviews for "Waiting for Leo and Satan"

Awesome Vid, cant wait for another episode from Oney..

P.S. Spek28 (5 Comments below) is the sort of religious fanatic thats bringing this world to ruin.. gky..

...Leo & Satan, Bitey of Brackenwood, Super Mario Bros Z, Larry, Eddsworld, Tarboy...
So many good animations/animators that are launched with too much space between one another, that make almost unbearable to wait the next, and becomes even more when the author suddenly decided to stop doing this good stuff or is simply not in the mood...

well theres hellbenders

What I can only rate this 5 stars?!

OH GOD, THANK YOU FOR THIS! As a game designer, I get a TON of people asking me: "WHEN'S IT COMING OUT!?" for god's sake people! we're only a team of 10!


satan is a symbol of evil, sin and everything wrong in this world. Don't make him lovable or make people try and romanticize with him, fictional or not.

As for the video, not funny.... I don't know why this video has 4 stars