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Reviews for "Peter Bell Saves Christmas"

This is just lovely. Clean, simple style. Clever writing/acting. I just wish I weren't such a spaz so I could beat the final boss. I would love to see Peter Bell save some more holidays.

That was so cool! I LOVE this game. It's a straight, simple clear-the-enemies game, kinda like Double Dragon. And I love that, especially since it's so great!

The animation is smooth and it looks cool. Also I love the art style. And the voice acting was nice too. The gameplay is nice and the challenge is great, some enemies were tough and the bosses offered a good challenge! The combos were cool and the specials were cool also. The music was nice too.

Also I love the cutscenes and the humor, and references.

Overall great game, I loved playing it. :)

lol this is awesome and i only beat level one, someone make an anime out of this lol

did anyone else see captin america in the second level

You sir, just got me anxious for the sequel of a christmas game, and i hate christmas!
If there was a contest for christmas flash on ng you'd have it in your pocket.