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Reviews for "Peter Bell Saves Christmas"

man,that was a great game!five out of five!Dom Fera did great this time!

also,mega-man death at the stage 3 XD
I died like,20 times to complete,especially against Fred,when he summons that aura,it's almost impossible to block!

i don't usually give up on games, but i really couldn't get past the guy that wraps himself in that invulnerability bubble. Just... too hard for me to figure out what to do. Would be nice to see a walkthrough...

Otherwise the game is great!

As good as your videos, Dom. And that's saying something. It had a fantastic story, challenging levels, funny characters and dialogue. Pretty much a perfect game.

I guess I'm just a big jerk.

Fantastic! Well-mapped controls, fun story, and interesting enemies make this a great game. my only problem is that Rudolph and the Goth girl had very similar Aerial attacks. Also, I agree with Peter: Why couldn't buddy have just flown from the beginning? Ah well. Awesome job, Can't wait for the sequel!