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Reviews for "Peter Bell Saves Christmas"

you guys see the sonic sign after the flying polar bear?

Short but fun. Love the flying polar bear. The voice acting was also amazing.

awesome game dom will this relate to the epilogue of deck'd 3

This game is amazing! I've seen all of Dom's "Deck'd" movies and this is the perfect transition from movie to game. If you dont like this your problably gay....FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!! ;)

Awesome, art programming, voice-acting...you name it. This is what the perfect side-scroller should be like, responsive, good jump height, ability to break your combo to jump...etc., good amount of knock-back, three phase combo, detailed background, variety of enemies. The only thing that could corrected in the time in between the 3 hits...I just stand there and the enemy gets a free chance to hit me....esp. the lollipop girl. I guess this makes the game take more skills, for a tip for those out there: Every hits, jump out of the way/over them, you can even jump right over then, then attack, your range is pretty ridiculous and you can enemies behind you.

Darren responds:

Keep playing, the combo gets longer and you unlock all kinds of new attacks. You've got the right idea about jumping though, it's your best friend.