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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

Did these reviewers play the same demo as me? There's NO GAME here, it's a rough introduction to gameplay mechanics at best.

You should really offer more before begging for money, maybe a definite hint of genre? At the moment I can't tell if I'll be solving a mystery, hiding from a serial killer, learning dark magic, or thwarting an alien invasion. All you've given the player is a VERY generic setting and no one should pay money towards just that.

so you need money to make that oil lamp work...

Way to take Amnesia, change the story to a really bad one, turn it into a flash game and then ask us to donate money to help you finish it. Shameful.

Tip: Be original and don't try to start a kickstarter around a flash game.

this game is so short!

Really bland, not very atmospheric at all. Also has the terrible pseudo-retro pixel art thing.