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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

This was way too short...

It reminds me a lot of the indie horror "Home". Both the graphics, the feel and the kind of "what has happend here, what's going - i know nothing" plot.

Also the lantern with the limited viewing field.

Gave it 1/5 simply because this gave... nothing about the game.

Lots of potential, but this was even a taster. It was like someone placed the glass with liquor in front of you, but they wouldn't let you taste it.

already played this and duw to the fact that the game design is very boring and im not surprised on pixel games this is the most horrible game ever made

I'm sorry but do you mean to seriously tell me you need $3,845 to finish this game. This is basic flash a sixth grader with a laptop could put together. I really am sick of these Kick Starter scams!

I've never played amnesia and even i know this is the same deal as it. either show something worth me going to a kickstarter ( which btw, wtf your in the wrong town for that buddy have you seen the designated box were our website begs us for support and cash, to put it simply..."we some cold mother- fuckers.")
nice music though

this game is so short!