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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

Consider easing up on the cliches.
The dark house, scattered notes, blood on the wall and messages in the blood on the wall have been done many times before. On a positive note though, wandering around in the dark with sound to guide you was an interesting aspect. Still, I wouldn't pay for this.

i don't get it i should of finish the game but... it has to be SUSPICOUS

So what your saying, is that I just played a two minute demo of a poorly made pixel flash game that you want me to kickstart. First of all, the pixel art is average. Not good or great, just average. There was nothing frightening at all in the demo to show that this was a horror game other than the fact that there was blood on a wall and a fifteen second blackness screen with loud clock ticking.

Kickstarter is for original ideas and new innovations. Your sub-par pixel "horror" game is nowhere near deserving of this.

It's impossible to tell if this is gonna be much of a good game from the prologue. What's your core mechanic? What's new or interesting about this game that will make people want to play it? To begin with, why do you even need money to make such a simple game? (And yes, I know exactly how hard it is to make a game).

Kudos for not having trite scares like something jumping out of nowhere and screaming, but so far your game looks and feels boring. Good luck anyway.

I absolutely don't get it. I clicked every single object in the game, is that it? I go in the room with the lantern then the lantern goes out and the screen fades black and I am back the title. Tried 3 times now. If that is really it, it sure is lame.