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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

The music and atmosphere fits perfectly, i hope the finished version will have better puzzles than just hang my coat, overall i cant wait till the finished version

I liked this - although I felt like I barely got to try the game out to make a decision. 3 stars from me as I felt the taster was a tad too short

I agree Sharkbite78, this game doesn't need money to be finished. I like what you have so far. You should just finish the game instead of asking for money.

The sight of pixelated blood really got to me,pixelated doors...oh and pixelated everything.It really adds challenge to the game as you spend most of your time trying to figure out what you're looking at.
I didn't even know if my chracter was supposed to be human or not.
The only time I was actually scared was the moment when the screen got dark.Not even the authors advices involving dark enviroments or headphones couldn't help me feel uneasy playing it.
I hope to see more of it though,at least that's what I thought until I beat the prologue blindfolded from the kitchen by screaming at it.

It was okay and made me want to play the game, but even for a trailer/demo it was super short and didn't have enough in it to leave a lasting impression on me.