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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

The music and atmosphere fits perfectly, i hope the finished version will have better puzzles than just hang my coat, overall i cant wait till the finished version

It has a great enviroment but it's too much zoomed in in my humble opinion. As a pixel artist myself I think it's crazy to ask money for these kind of pixels.. really.
But overall I think it's a good game, really short if you made it a bit longer people would maybe support.

Definitely intriguing. I want more than that before I decide to back you though.

full game and ill give you 5, looks great so far and very interactive, hope it turns out great, for advice since you asked, go for some really unsettling tensions like the lamp going out at the end, and keep it classic like the old horror movies it reminds me of, like make some serious twist, throw everyone for a loop

The game seems okay, but at the moment that the lantern goes off, i can do anything and the game finishes.