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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

I LIKES! I hope all goes well for a full and finished product of this series!

first thing first: AWESOME JOB HERE!!!
Im still amazed how we can't have a nice fullscreen for this kind of games.
For fliyng fuck sake we are in 2012, we should already have flying cars like bladerunner outside or at least the menace of Skynet, nope we STILL got , i mean it, STILL the same options we had 10 years ago, this game is retro and it fits, but who, i mean, who doesn't wan't to see this fullscreen?

Dear Tom Fulp do something, i followed you since the beginnings of this site, figure out a way to pay respects to these games and art, a PROPER WAY.

Wow, this game already shows a lot of promise.
The emotion you've conveyed through the music and with pixel art is amazing. Something the old Sierra type adventure games couldn't achieve in the 90's.
I really hope this gets made.
Most of the people who are whining about it are noobs here and just need to have something to complain about, no biggy.
Keep up the great work!

So what your saying, is that I just played a two minute demo of a poorly made pixel flash game that you want me to kickstart. First of all, the pixel art is average. Not good or great, just average. There was nothing frightening at all in the demo to show that this was a horror game other than the fact that there was blood on a wall and a fifteen second blackness screen with loud clock ticking.

Kickstarter is for original ideas and new innovations. Your sub-par pixel "horror" game is nowhere near deserving of this.

pixel art is a cheap weapon to use on a potential reviewer (player)

especially one like me that has such a soft spot for pixel art.

i will say that this is too short to have even been featured.

all i can infer is that if you have more to show, it was of lower quality than this. otherwise you would have shown it. this could have been a 5 for all i know, but i'm not going to give a high rating based on what "might" exist.