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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

so you need money to make that oil lamp work...

This looks like it would come out as a great horror game. I hope you get the funding to finish it.
And to Athanasiosdk, if you finished this game, you can clearly see they did not finish it because they need funding. This was just a demo of the game.

This was way too short...

It reminds me a lot of the indie horror "Home". Both the graphics, the feel and the kind of "what has happend here, what's going - i know nothing" plot.

Also the lantern with the limited viewing field.

Gave it 1/5 simply because this gave... nothing about the game.

Lots of potential, but this was even a taster. It was like someone placed the glass with liquor in front of you, but they wouldn't let you taste it.

My God, this frightened me. You did such an excellent job on this game.

The theme is so old, yet disturbing.
The music is so soothing and calm, and it goes to a darker path.
The mystery is simply amazing!

I rate 4, well due to time on it. But, I really enjoyed this game. Amazing work. :)

I liked this - although I felt like I barely got to try the game out to make a decision. 3 stars from me as I felt the taster was a tad too short