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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

It's impossible to tell if this is gonna be much of a good game from the prologue. What's your core mechanic? What's new or interesting about this game that will make people want to play it? To begin with, why do you even need money to make such a simple game? (And yes, I know exactly how hard it is to make a game).

Kudos for not having trite scares like something jumping out of nowhere and screaming, but so far your game looks and feels boring. Good luck anyway.

Way to take Amnesia, change the story to a really bad one, turn it into a flash game and then ask us to donate money to help you finish it. Shameful.

Tip: Be original and don't try to start a kickstarter around a flash game.

Trailer. Really. No joking. You don´t belong here.

The game isn´t even that worthy.

Please, go away, and dont come back.

The gameplay trailer on the Kickstarter page actually lasts longer than this trailer. Looks good, but what a waste of time.