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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

Cool concept awsome pixel graphics cant wait to see full game but why would u submit somthing so short there isnt any "feel" too it you point an click. Please hurry on full game good luck on kick starter

I like games like this, playing here!

very nice....it sure has potential.....but im a lover of the pixel games so anythingwill do for me hahaaha

I enjoyed this quite a bit, and am anxious to see what is to come.

This prologue was at least"okay". You did show something about the game in it, but not enough. The only thing I beg you is to make this game as original as possible. If you want to scare us, be creative, make us a big surprise and do not use those horror cliches any more. "Mysterious murderer killing around in your friend's house while he's missing, then OMG THERE'S BLOOD ON THE WALL!!!!", really? I was expecting something better than this. Do a plot twist at the end if it suits in the game's plot and if it is what you want, but staying as original as possible. Well, at least its essence showed it could be something very good.
The art and the soundtrack are interesting. Only God knows how much do I love pixel art horror games. I don't know, I think it adds to the game a way more twisted and scary atmosphere, along with the music, when combined correctly.
I just smiled in relief when I discovered that were only one way to control the character: the mouse. I don't really like using both mouse and keyboard to play a game (I prefer to play only with the keyboard), but playing only with the mouse made the game play be really smooth and easy.
And yeah, I do not have any money to donate to you, but if I had, I wouldn't give it anyway. Only if you are going to buy more oil to put on the lantern.
2.5/5 because I believe it has some potential. Just use it properly and do not disappoint us. Do a great job; we all believe you can do it well.