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Reviews for "The Last Door: Prologue"

Great atmosphere, cool style. Could be pretty f-ing sweet when it's done.

From what I've seen so far there's nothing too outstanding about this game. The textures, even though I have nothing against 8-bit, are very flat. You could at least make objects more than one colour in shade. The walking pace is very slow and though I know it's for atmosphere, I can see it getting very annoying if you ever have to backtrack through large areas. The story also seems extremely mundane and boring. A mysterious note from a friend who lives in an old house, mysterious blood found at scene and no one around. I realize I'm being harsh and that this is an early example but you haven't exactly given us much to work with - which is exactly the problem. It's hard to go and expect people to up and give you money when you barely give them anything to work with and you've given very little reason to encourage people to fund your game. That being said, I do hope you improve on it and I recognize that it is a work in progress. I wish you luck and hope the finished product is something much better than what you showed us today.

Seriously i dont think that you need 3,900 pounds to make a bloody 8-bit flash game. The game looks good so far with nice atmosphere and all but i have seen similar outcome from lower budget games.

This trailer you've given certainly has promise, but sadly as an unemployed college grad I don't think I could spare any substantial amount of money for your Kickstarter.

When the games done, will you have to buy it to play it?