Reviews for "SkullFace"

Definitely nails that super meat boy feel!!

Astonishing level design with instanteneous replayablilty. No downtime in-between deaths makes it a continual fun-spun rollercoaster down joy mountain. The music perfectly fits the 16-bit nature of the game, whereas the A+ time marking is not too harsh and not too easy to achieve. Perhaps the wall jumps could allow for easier handling as well as a sliding mechanic where you can allow the character to slide a bit down the wall before losing balance in order to make room for some more manoeuvring.


Everyone has their reasons for why they think a game is good.

For me, that would be good level design, which this game exceeds in!! Very good game, very good controls, and just, in general, amazing!

This game is on Stencyl! I finished the whole thing a year ago ^^