Reviews for "SkullFace"

there's a stupid lag that wont let me jump, and sometimes if i do he moves in the opposite diection im going...?

Could be frustrating at times but overal nice game

Love the level design and the visuals of the game. The levels are pretty well put together and they have flow. The game plays similar to super meat boy, but unfortunately the wall jumping doesn't seem tight enough to do real precision jumps. Also The game froze like two times at the level exit.

This isn't about fair challenge, it's about hoping that when you press down that you duck rather than run forward.

I love this game. Skullface is a 2d platformer that is very similar to Super Mario Bros. and is very addicting. the art style of this game looks amazing. the controls also feel great but if you don't like them then you can always change them. the soundtrack sounds awesome and suits the game's theme perfectly. this game comes with 15 levels and gets progressively gets harder as you play. online interaction are just for sharing fastest time limits on how fast you have beaten a level or a chapter. I have to say I really enjoyed this game and it is very fun. FINAL VERDICT: 5/5