Reviews for "Starbucks Commercial"

awww.. this was unexpected and great!

although there is a difference between animation and drawing, yes stick figures are so easy to draw, the mentally challenged can master them, however animation is a different ordeal, and how well an individual can animate stick figures is a WHOLE different concept. these stick figures were animated nicely and not that i "hate" stick figure animations but stick figures in general are normally used to help the animator grow to master harder and harder things. kind of like an artists manikin. so its going to look crappy. this commercial however should totally be used for starbucks because not only was it interesting, and fun to watch, but it was also an eye opener for animation lovers and starbucks...... and stick figure... animations.....

Smooth animation. I liked the addition of shadows.

Send this to starbucks

Haha I actually really enjoyed this. Short, but still pretty neat.

Yunguy1 responds:

Keep in mind that this is a commercial. Commercials are constrained to a time limit of 30 seconds or 1 minute. Because this was an amateur commercial, it is limited to 30 seconds.