Reviews for "Ass Steroids"

How is this rated E video if the video title have a curse in it and the video itself contain profanity? This video should be rated T, but anyway I give this video a 3/5 because it was short and I think it should be a bit more longer if about making people laugh which is comedy.

Half Life sound effects :)
Good animation, but didn't make me laugh that much =\ even though I love the pun in the title x3
3.5 :) (that's 7/10 so it's good for meh :D)

God that made me laugh! That is worth a favorite if i do say so myself. Smooth animations, great voice work, and a hilarious joke that caught me off guard. Nice job. 5/5 Fat Rocks for the bus.

TharosTheDragon are you really that stupid?
The joke is about the 2 smaller ones being an ASS to the fat one..
jesus christ you are seriously retarded if you completely missed that point.

I don't get it. Do ass steroids make you fat because they increase the size of your butt? Why are people saying they get it? What is the joke? Why is this rated E when it has the word "ass" in the title?