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Reviews for "Ass Steroids"

Lol pretty funny. I never thought of it that way XD

How is this rated E video if the video title have a curse in it and the video itself contain profanity? This video should be rated T, but anyway I give this video a 3/5 because it was short and I think it should be a bit more longer if about making people laugh which is comedy.

Half Life sound effects :)
Good animation, but didn't make me laugh that much =\ even though I love the pun in the title x3
3.5 :) (that's 7/10 so it's good for meh :D)

God that made me laugh! That is worth a favorite if i do say so myself. Smooth animations, great voice work, and a hilarious joke that caught me off guard. Nice job. 5/5 Fat Rocks for the bus.

TharosTheDragon are you really that stupid?
The joke is about the 2 smaller ones being an ASS to the fat one..
jesus christ you are seriously retarded if you completely missed that point.