Reviews for "PleaseDiePie"

U r just a hatr for hating on Pewdiepie ok!! He makes my day so much better after my mommy yells at me for playing on the Xbox too long and my father doesn't talk to me ne moar bcause he caught me sniffing the crotch of my pinkie pie figurine wile I has inserting my applejack with some margerine. Ur just a mean bitter bully who will nvr b truely luved. Oh and PS I haet you.

Damn straight, man. You have described perfectly everything I have seen of PewDiePie. Which wasn't much, because I couldn't take that vapid asshat's videos for very long.

My suggestion? Watch Cr1TiKaL! He donates all of his partnership monies to charity.

i love you....

finally, someone who sees pewdiepie for the pile of shit he is

Wow, that guy really does need to please die. I'm sorry that your video made me give him two more views.

"U r gay"
"Good, I'd rather be gay than some talentless hack who has not only amassed the most over-sensitive and plaim dumb fanbase of all YouTube, but is also unanimously hated by anyone else who puts the slightest effort into making videos. What do they get ? A penny a month. You ? Like a thousand dollars a day. Am I jealous ? Chh... duhh. Who wouldn't be jealous of a man that can squeeze every penny out of a game despite playing it 600 times already. Just saying, fa****".