Reviews for "PleaseDiePie"

I like PewDiePie but that made my day, ermahgerd

Nice job man! You made the jokes subtle, compared to:
me: I like PewDiePie.
random stranger: SHUT THE **** UP YOU ****ING RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: hey, "Retard" is offensive to most people! That's not how someone should react.
random stranger: SHUT THE **** UP WITH A **** AND A **** *** ****** ***** ******!!!!!!!!!!!

Pewds IS NOT like that but it was kinda funny

woah, ooooah, this video's... this video is fuuuunny.

I am a bro and I did enjoy this flash. The animation was smooth, art was awesome and i did like the jokes. Great job