Reviews for "PleaseDiePie"

Nice job man! You made the jokes subtle, compared to:
me: I like PewDiePie.
random stranger: SHUT THE **** UP YOU ****ING RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: hey, "Retard" is offensive to most people! That's not how someone should react.
random stranger: SHUT THE **** UP WITH A **** AND A **** *** ****** ***** ******!!!!!!!!!!!

Pewds IS NOT like that but it was kinda funny

woah, ooooah, this video's... this video is fuuuunny.

I am a bro and I did enjoy this flash. The animation was smooth, art was awesome and i did like the jokes. Great job

Was done really well, and funny. I'm a bro and think your just pissed he is so popular. I really like him but understand why people don't like him, but you're really just trying to piss off other bros by making something like that. No offense at all but it is an awesome flash and really well done. Just don't be that mad "Bro".