Reviews for "PleaseDiePie"

I luvs PewDiePIe but dis wuz hilariuzus so I laughs at thiz

If he was as terrible a person in real life there would be more of these. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your opinion, this is just the embodiment of the "bros."

WHY U DO DISSS i love pewdzzzz

I am actually a fan of Pewdiepie or in others words "PleaseDiePie." ( or whatever you wanna call it.) but i'm not that all mad about it. I watched the video and It's pretty much like all the others parodies people make these days. so I'm just here to say one thing: It was pretty funny.

"U r gay"
"Good, I'd rather be gay than some talentless hack who has not only amassed the most over-sensitive and plaim dumb fanbase of all YouTube, but is also unanimously hated by anyone else who puts the slightest effort into making videos. What do they get ? A penny a month. You ? Like a thousand dollars a day. Am I jealous ? Chh... duhh. Who wouldn't be jealous of a man that can squeeze every penny out of a game despite playing it 600 times already. Just saying, fa****".